How do I care for my riding gloves properly?

Once you have found the right riding gloves for you, you should care for them accordingly so that you can enjoy them for a long time. The care of the gloves depends on the material. Through correct care and cleaning, you can extend the longevity of your riding gloves.

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Leather gloves are not suitable for the washing machine

If you have bought leather riding gloves, you should refrain from washing them in the washing machine. Riding gloves made of leather can usually be washed (by hand), but they should rarely come into contact with water as leather can become stiff after drying.

To wash your leather gloves gently, proceed as follows with the hand wash:

1. Clean the outside: Put the glove on and clean it carefully with light pressure under lukewarm water. A lint-free cloth is suitable for this purpose. If the glove is very dirty, you can use a mild shampoo.

2. Clean the inside: Take off the glove and rinse the inside carefully.

3. Dab with a cloth: Wrap the clean, still wet glove in a towel and squeeze it gently. Proceed from the fingers to the wrist so that the excess water is squeezed out.

4. Shape the glove: Now carefully shape the glove so that it can dry in that shape.

5. Drying: Place the leather riding glove in a warm room or put it on a riding crop (with the shaft down). Allow the glove to air dry. Under no circumstances should the leather be placed on the heater or in direct sunlight or be blow-dried!

Put on the semi-dry glove and shape it again.

6. Knead softly: The dry leather glove can now be kneaded soft.

7. Apply leather care if necessary.

While wearing, the hands can release moisture which is absorbed by the leather. To prevent the leather gloves from deforming, pull them back into shape briefly and firmly after wearing.

Your leather winter gloves can be stored lying flat during the summer season. Be careful not to mix dark gloves with light colours. The same applies vice versa and for summer gloves.

You can find even more detailed instructions on leather care in our guidebook „Leather care instructions“.

Riding gloves made of imitation leather are extremely easy to care for

Riding gloves made of imitation leather do not require extensive care instructions. In contrast to gloves made of real leather, they are extremely easy to care for and can even be put in the washing machine if they are very dirty. After washing, they should ideally be put on a riding crop and left to air dry.

In order to enjoy your riding gloves made of imitation leather for a long time, you should spray them with an imitation leather care product every now and then. This not only keeps the material supple and durable, but also speeds up the cleaning process.

Selected care products for riding gloves

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Cleaning riding gloves in the washing machine

Riding gloves made of artificial leather, cotton, softshell or synthetic fibres can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. Follow the care instructions on the label.

How to wash your riding gloves in the washing machine:

1. Separate outer and under gloves: Remove undergloves before washing and wash separately. Often the inner glove requires different care than the outer glove. Again, follow the care instructions.

2. Close hook-and-loop fasteners: Close all hook-and-loop fasteners precisely so that nothing gets caught in them and there is no unnecessary friction that can roughen and damage the fabrics.

3. Garment bag: for even better protection, place the riding gloves in a garment bag.

4. Use mild liquid detergent: Use a mild detergent.

Caution. Avoid fabric softener, bleach or harsh stain removers. These will damage the fabrics, gum up the fibres and wear out the glove, causing the riding gloves to lose their fit and functionality.

5. Wash the gloves at 30 °C.

6. Drying: Air dry the gloves by placing them over a bottle, a wooden spoon handle or a riding crop. Alternatively, you can hang the gloves on the clothesline by the middle finger to dry them. Note that in any case, the shaft should point downwards.

7. Knead: Once the gloves are (semi-)dry, knead them properly so that the fibres puff up again and the material becomes soft again.

Not all washable gloves are suitable for washing machines. If your riding gloves can only be washed by hand, use a mild soap solution here too and avoid fabric softeners or harsh stain removers.

As with all outdoor and functional textiles, the following motto also applies to riding gloves: As seldom as possible, as often as necessary to maintain the functionality and fit. Light soiling can be removed with a damp, lint-free cloth.