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STEEDS Toe Warmer

Toe Warmer

No.: 740433
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No more painfullly freezing toes! These practical STEEDS toe warmers will keep your feet warm and cosy even in icy temperatures! Simply stick to the socks and enjoy pleasantly warm feet for up to six hours - whether you are riding, in the stable or at a Christmas market. The toe warmers start to heat up as soon as they are taken out of the packet, and the activated charcoal reaches its full temperature after about one minute. Warmth is generated by iron powder, which oxidises when exposed to the air, so no batteries are required and there is no need to boil the toe warmers as with other pocket warmers. With their excellent heating properties, the toe warmers are so thin that you can hardly feel them in your shoes. Maximum temperature 45°C, Average temperature 37°C, heat retention period up to 6 hours. The toe warmers are not suitable for children under 6 years of age or for medical use. Single use. Pair.
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