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Stainless steel, solid. Also suitable as a pony snaffle. Thickness 14 mm.

The stainless steel bits are very popular due to their smoothness and their durability. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean. The snaffle bit is the most commonly used bit and is used for young horses as well as for further training because it is a gentle bit that still provides a sufficient amount of control. The mouthpiece can be hollow and light-weight or solid and therefore heavy. Heavier bits have the advantage that they apply a constant pressure in the mouth and prevent the horses from playing with their tongue. Snaffle bits can be single-jointed as well as double-jointed. The single-jointed snaffle is the most commonly used bit. The double-jointed snaffle bit is a popular bit as it optimally adapts to the horse's mouth thanks to the 2 joints and the lozenge.

No.: 350127-31/2
Available in Pony Size
Available in Pony Size
This product is (also) available in pony size. Ponies and Shetland ponies have a special exterior which requires specific equipment that is particularly tailored to their body dimensions. Aside from their low height, small hooves, a compact back as well as a short croup are often characteristic for different breeds of ponies.
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Great basic

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Great price and quality.

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