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SHOWMASTER Stirrup Covers - 280098



Stirrup Covers

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Kramer Stirrup Rubber Treads - 280056


Stirrup Rubber Treads


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SILK STEEL Stainless Steel Stirrups Fashion - 280099


Stainless Steel Stirrups Fashion

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Felix Bühler Stirrups Performance - 280091

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Stirrups Performance


COMPOSITI Toe Cage Matrix - 2850


Toe Cage Matrix

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SHOWMASTER Replacement Rubber Stirrup Treads - 280097


Replacement Rubber Stirrup Treads


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Spare Rubber Rings


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SILK STEEL Stainless Steel Stirrup Inlay - 280108


Stainless Steel Stirrup Inlay


SPRENGER Safety Stirrups BowBalance - 280040



Safety Stirrups BowBalance


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Felix Bühler Aluminium Stirrups Crystal - 280104

Felix Bühler


Aluminium Stirrups Crystal


Felix Bühler Aluminium Stirrups Perfect Grip - 280101

Felix Bühler

Aluminium Stirrups Perfect Grip

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Kramer Spare Leather Strips - 280058


Spare Leather Strips


Kramer Safety Stirrups Sicuro - 280055


Safety Stirrups Sicuro


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SILK STEEL Safety Stirrups Flexbalance II - 280110


Safety Stirrups Flexbalance II


SPRENGER Rubber Treads - 280049


Rubber Treads


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FENGUR Stirrups Svarta - 580013


Stirrups Svarta


SPRENGER Replacement Stirrup Treads for  Stirrups FLEXCITE 280102 - 280103


Replacement Stirrup Treads for Stirrups FLEXCITE 280102


How do I find the right stirrup?

The stirrup is an important part of the riding equipment. It is what makes a relaxed, balanced seat possible in the first place. A stirrup that is correctly selected for the rider's foot, but also for the riding discipline, allows the ankle to be cushioned and provides the necessary support. A distinction is made between different types of stirrups:

  • Classic stirrups
  • Safety stirrups
  • Icelandic stirrups (special form of safety stirrups)
  • Stirrups with turned eyelets
The classic stirrup is available in the stainless steel variety, plastic, aluminium or leather (Western stirrup) and offers very good grip. Their non-slip inserts are usually replaceable, provided they are not permanently attached to the stirrup.
For that extra bit of safety, not only novice riders and inexperienced riders, but also professional riders resort to safety stirrups of various designs. There are different versions of these:
  • Stirrups with curved side bars, such as the Icelandic stirrup.
  • Safety stirrups with a rubber strip that pops out in the event of a fall to prevent the rider from getting caught.
  • Safety stirrups with joint, which provide more comfort to the ankle
  • Stirrups with a toe cage that prevent slipping through
Which stirrup is the right one for you is something you have to try out for yourself. Every rider's seat is different, and everyone has different feelings about comfort and safety. To meet all your needs, Kramer Equestrian has a wide range of different stirrup styles for you to choose from.

What size should the stirrup be?

The right size of stirrup is an essential safety factor! If the stirrups are too big, the risk of slipping your foot through them is much higher than with stirrups that fit the tip of your foot perfectly. At the same time, you should be able to slip out as quickly as possible in dangerous situations, for example if your horse bucks. Nevertheless, the stirrup must not be too small, otherwise you will not find any support in the stirrup at all.
Stirrups are available in different widths. In our online shop you can buy stirrups with widths of 4'', 4 ¼'' or 4 ¾''. The best width for your foot or shoe is when there is half a centimetre of space on each side between the side bar and the edge of the sole. As different shoes have different widths of toes and soles, you should measure your shoe where the ball of your foot is in the stirrup. Jodhpur boots, for example, have a narrower cut than riding boots with a bulky sole.

When should the stirrups & stirrup pads be replaced?

Regularly check the quality of your stirrups and their pads. This is the only way to prevent dangerous accidents caused by a broken stirrup. When a stirrup needs to be replaced depends on the material used and varies from model to model. You should take a closer look at the stirrups after a fall, if they have hit a jump or the arena board. In this case, the stirrups may need to be replaced immediately.
Stirrup leathers show signs of wear much sooner than stirrups. To prevent the material from unexpectedly breaking, you should exchange the left strap with the right strap every few months. This way they will be evenly stressed and worn.
You should also regularly check the stirrup pads for wear and replace them if necessary. You should replace them especially if there are visible defects, lack of grip or if the material of rubber pads become brittle. In our online shop you can buy pads for every model in our range, which also have different grip patterns.

Which stirrups are suitable for children?

Stirrups can be a hazard, especially if the child cannot yet coordinate itself. We therefore do not recommend that children between the ages of 2 and 7 use a stirrup. Stirrups only make sense from an age when children are supposed to do the rising trot, i.e. when they have to lift themselves out of the saddle and are able to coordinate this. In order to minimise the risk of getting stuck, stirrups with a toe cage are the best stirrups for children.
Of course, only the right footwear comes into question for riding children as well as for adults. Riding boots, long riding boots or Jodphur boots for children need a slip-resistant sole with a slight heel. Trainers are an absolute no-no!

How do I use Icelandic stirrups?

Iceland stirrups are adapted to the special features of the riding style, as here other movement patterns of the horse must be intercepted in the rider's foot. Stirrups for Icelandic riding have a curved S-shape, with the stirrup strap eyelet also turned 90°. Their special shape allows the foot to slip out in an emergency, but at the same time the rider can also find it again quickly and place his foot easily while moving. One could also call the Iceland stirrup a safety stirrup and of course use it for other riding styles.

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