White Line Pick
White Line Pick
White Line Pick
White Line Pick
White Line Pick
White Line Pick

White Line Pick

No.: 450486--S
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Special pick to remove small stones or other debris from the white line.

Not suitable for use as a regular hoof pick!

No.: 450486--S
3 reviews

for White Line Pick

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5.10.2017 (Verified Purchase)

Genius for getting those little stones out!

2.3.2017 (Verified Purchase)

Love this product. I can't find anything similar on the market in the UK. Up to now I'd been using a farrier's nail for checking for and removing stones from the white line but was forever losing it! I bought 3 for myself, one for each of my barefoot horse owner friends and one for my hoof trimmer. It's Also useful for applying hoof putty to holes in the white line. Very sturdy and reasonably priced.

9.9.2016 (Verified Purchase)

My ponies are barefoot, stones can get trapped in the white line, this pick helps to remove these before they become embedded and work their way into the foot, causing abscesses.

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