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Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1
Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1

Hoof Stand EcoFlex 2-in-1

No.: 431731--S
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Product Description

The 2-in-1 system is the answer for treatment of front and hind hooves, with only one hoof stand!

The horse can relax even more while having its hooves treated, without you having to support its weight. Especially recommended for older horses, who need more comfort and help with their hoof care. When treating the front hoofs, the standing area, which is made of durable hard rubber, provides a secure and non-slip foothold for the front hooves. Mounting the attachment for the hind hooves enables the support from the hard wearing polypropylene to ensure a safe position for the hind legs on the hoof rest. This enables the secure and particularly back-friendly treatment of the hind hooves. In addition, the hoof rest is quick and easy to adjust to fit the respective working height.

The advantages at a glance:
Back and knee protection. Easy to use. Easy and precise adjustment in height possible via foldable locking screw. Support for front hooves made of durable hard rubber. Support strap for the hind hooves made of a soft and hard wearing polypropylene. Due to the innovative design the risk of injury whilst treating the hooves, is reduced.

Suitable for horses of all breeds and sizes.

Height adjustable from 35.5 cm to 55.5 cm. Width 50.5 cm. Length 66 cm.

No.: 431731--S


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Customer review of the product 2.10.2022 (Verified Purchase)

The hoof stand is a good budget option vs the 200 ones out there, but does have a few drawbacks. The edges of the feet aren't rounded off, and if a hoof slipped off or the horse was being tricky, the sharp edges could injure them. My husband rounded them off before I used it. Having both cradle and rubber topped stand options is very good, but the clasps used to tighten them don't push down flush and tight; a twist knob to tighten would be better. It also lacks a little stability when compared to the more expensive stands out there. All this being said, I am finding it very useful to teach my young horse how to behave for the farrier. A good budget option.

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Customer review of the product 26.10.2020 (Verified Purchase)

Well made quality product. Does exactly what it is meant to do. Definitely a back saver.

Customer review of the product 14.5.2019 (Verified Purchase)

Really good item, makes hoof trimming and filing very much easier with a difficult horse. Also works well with the easier horses and saves a good deal of back strain.

Customer review of the product 5.8.2017 (Verified Purchase)

Well balanced, sturdy hoof stand and good value for money.

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