Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Metabolism Premium
Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Metabolism Premium
Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Metabolism Premium
Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Metabolism Premium
Original Landmühle

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Metabolism Premium

No.: 490823-3000
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( 9.63 £ / 1 kg)

Product Description

Optimal supply for horses with sensitive metabolism with all important and vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Horses that are already burdened by metabolic disorders need additional support from a vitamin and mineral supplement, especially in times of higher metabolic stress such as the change of coat and beginning and the end of the grazing seasons. The ingredients contained, such as aniseed, fenugreek seed and chokeberry, can have a diuretic and draining effect and thus have a positive effect on the detoxification of the liver and the general metabolism. The yeast contained can promote a stable intestinal flora. Rose hips, vitamin E and selenium can positively support the defences and the immune system. Additives such as biotin, zinc and diatomaceous earth ensure an easy and simple coat change. Optimally suited for horses with sensitive metabolism or metabolic diseases, laminitis, EMS and Cushing's.

The Original Landmühle Mineral Feed Metabolism Premium is based on meadow green meal and is therefore free of cereals and molasses. Pelleted and highest acceptance.

Ingredients: 25% green meal, 16% calcium carbonate, 14% monocalcium phosphate, 12% cattle salt, 10% linseed meal, 6.7% locust bean gum, 5% linseed, 4% magnesium oxide, 2% yeast, 2% fenugreek seed, 1.5% chokeberry, 1.5% rose hip, 1% meadow herbs, 0.8% potassium chloride, 0.8% linseed oil, 0.5% fennel, 0.5% aniseed, 0.5% peppermint leaves, 0.3% cinnamon.

Feeding instructions: Horses (600kg bw) 100g daily, ponies and cobs 50g daily. 1 measuring spoon (25 ml) corresponds to approx. 24g.

Dosage form: Pellet.

No.: 490823-3000


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