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Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
Biotin Booster
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Biotin Booster

No.: 490874-1000
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Grain and molasses-free supplement in pellet form based on meadow green meal. Due to its high content of biotin and zinc, it can positively support feed-related deficiency symptoms such as dull coat, difficulties in the change of coat, poor hoof quality and inhibited hoof growth as well as reduced defence performance of the immune system. Biotin (also called vitamin H) is essential for the formation of keratin in the body, which in turn is an important component of skin, coat and horn. Vitamin H is primarily absorbed through food in the upper small intestine. A deficiency often results from a disorder in the small intestine that blocks absorption, or from too much maize in straights. Other possible causes are, for example, a disturbance of the intestinal flora or a chronic disease. Biotin is also involved in energy and muscle metabolism as well as fat-blood sugar metabolism and blood formation in the body. It can also have a positive influence on the body's defence system and pain sensitivity. We also recommend the administration of the Biotin Booster to older horses in which the biosynthesis in the intestine is inhibited. As a rule, biotin cannot be overdosed in horses and has no known negative consequences for the horse. Nevertheless, this supplement may only be fed up to 100g daily due to the higher content of feed additives compared to complete feeds. In order to notice a change in the strength of the hoof horn, we recommend a course of treatment of at least 7-9 months.

Feeding instructions: Horses (600kg bw) 10g daily.
Cobs and ponies 5g daily.
1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 20g.

Ingredients: Meadow green meal, propylene glycol.

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: 30,000 mg DL-methionine (3c301).  2.000.000 mcg biotin (3a880) 20,000 mg choline chloride (3a890) 5,000 mg zinc as zinc sulphate monodydrate (3b605)  

Note: Store feed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Consume soon after opening.

No.: 490874-1000


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