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Feed Charcoal
Feed Charcoal
Feed Charcoal
Feed Charcoal
Feed Charcoal
Feed Charcoal
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Feed Charcoal

No.: 490864-2500
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Product Description

Supplement for horses. Coarsely ground plant charcoal that can be fed in cases of digestive disorders with consequences such as diarrhoea and faecal water as well as poor feed conversion. The charcoal works like a sponge and binds toxins and harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria and parasites in the gastrointestinal tract and ensures that they are excreted. In this way, it can provide relief for the detoxification organs of the liver and kidneys and protect against infections. Since the charcoal also binds ammonia emissions, a less odorous faeces with increased fertilising effect can be another positive side effect of feeding. When giving medicines and other food supplements, we recommend consulting a veterinarian, as the plant charcoal could also absorb these and thus limit their effectiveness.

Ingredients: 100% pure plant charcoal

Feeding instructions: Horses: (600kg bw) 40 - 50g / daily, Cobs: 20 - 25g / daily. 1 measuring spoon (25ml) corresponds to approx. 7g.

Dosage form: Chopped .

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.

No.: 490864-2500


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