Hoof Hardener
Hoof Hardener

Hoof Hardener

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(£12.76 / 100 ml)

Protects - nurtures - strengthens the hooves, counteracts hoof problems. Reduces wear of horn among unshod horses and horseshoes fit better for shod horses. The horn is preserved. Includes brush and instructions. 250 ml. For horses that are shod: brush Keralit onto the horn including into the holes left by the last set of shoes. The hoof hardener must be able to get into the holes and under the shoes. The sole of the hooves can also be treated if necessary. Keralit can replace the use of inserts and leather soles. Use on hooves once to twice a week in normal cases. Use every other day to start with if hoof is severely damaged. 250 ml bottle, lasts for approx. 3-4 months (warmbloods, horses going barefoot). Can last up to 6 months if the horse is shod.

No.: 430051
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