Guide to Pasture Management

1. Horse Pastures – these basics are important

As an animal that loves to run, the horse needs several hours of turnout every day and a paddock where it can both play and graze comfortably with other members of its species. That is exactly why pastures must be able to withstand a lot.

In this guide you can read about the demands placed on a horse pasture and what is involved in making a paddock escape-proof.

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Horses in a pasture

2. Plants in the horse pasture – what grasses and poisonous plants are there?

A good horse pasture is composed of various tasty, hard-wearing and quickly regenerating grasses. But not everything that grows in the pasture will keep your horse healthy.

We show you which grasses taste good for your horse and which poisonous plants you should avoid at all costs.

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3. The 10 best tips for paddock care for horse owners

In principle, the intensive care of horse pastures and paddocks is the responsibility of the yard owner. He must ensure that the pastures remain escape-proof, that the areas are free of poisonous plants and that the fields are regularly rotated. But horse owners can also actively contribute to paddock maintenance.

We show you what you can do for healthy pastures even without heavy equipment.

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Horse stands in the paddock with a mobile fence system
Close-up of horse's mouth eating grass

4. Acclimating horses to pasture grass in spring correctly

Spring is a critical time for horses and their owners when it comes to acclimating horses to grass. Horses can hardly wait to nibble on lush grass. However, not only can horses spoil their stomachs with it, but it can also massively endanger their health.

Why grass can be critical for the horse and how to acclimate your horse to grass gently, you can find out here.

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5. FAQ – Pasture management

How long are horses allowed to graze? Are horses with laminitis or EMS allowed to have grass? Do fasting periods cause stress? And why are horses not allowed to eat mown grass?

In our FAQ on pasture management we answer your most frequently asked questions about pasture.

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Paddock sign with horse in the background