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Felix Bühler Grip Full-Seat Tights Anneke
Felix Bühler

Grip Full-Seat Tights Anneke

No.: 810545-2732-S
VAT included
Especially comfortable tights made of a high-quality, elastic 4-way stretch material and with a silicone full seat. Smooth on the outside, cuddly soft on the inside. Extra wide waistband, zip pocket on the back, insertion pocket on the leg, flexible leg cuffs without velcro fastening. 78% nylon, 22% elastane.
Breathable Breathable
Breathability is not the same as air permeability, but rather the microporous qualilty of the membrane's coating, which allows moisture vapours to escape, keeping the skin dry even during exertion. For this to work, the concentration of moisture vapour (or humidity) on the inside has to be higher than on the outside. In other words, the air on the ourside has to be colder and/or drier than on the inside. Breathable, microporous membranes work effectively to approx. 25°C – higher temperatures lead to a reverse effect.
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