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Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs
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Cooling Vest Refresh for Dogs

No.: 231188-XS-OF
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Product Description

A must-have to support thermoregulation during high summer temperatures: Functional vest with a cooling insert at the chest and full-length zip at the back for quick on and off. Simply immerse the lower part of the vest in cool water and gently wring it out. Then put the vest on your dog. The water slowly evaporates through the mesh material, creating the cooling effect for your four-legged friend, which can also provide relief for thicker fur. The effect lasts as long as the material is moist. This can vary depending on the outside temperature and sunlight. The thin outer fabric is also highly breathable and comfortable to wear. In a short cut design. Ideal for hiking or summer walks without access to a lake, river or the sea. Can protect against overheating. We recommend that seniors or dogs with circulation problems first get used to the vest slowly. In such cases, the water in which the material is immersed should not be too cold. Jersey 95% cotton, 5% elastane; mesh 100% polyester; cooling material 100% polyvinyl alcohol.

Important: Dogs cannot sweat through their skin like humans. They only have sweat glands on their paws and otherwise compensate for the heat exclusively by panting. In doing so, the dog takes up to ten times as many breaths as it would normally in order to get rid of the heat and humidity and to cool the circulating blood. In addition, their coat not only provides protection, it can also be a burden to them in hot temperatures and make thermoregulation more difficult.

For this reason, there are a few rules you should follow in the summer:

  • Always provide your dog with shaded areas and plenty of drinking water in extreme heat.
  • Avoid walking your dog in the midday heat and especially on hot asphalt; instead, take a long walk in the evening and/or morning in the woods.
  • Never leave your dog inside a locked car! From 20 degrees upwards, the car can heat up rapidly (after 10 minutes in the blazing sun already up to 27 degrees!) and becomes a heat trap for the dog.
  • The normal temperature of a dog is 37.5-39 degrees. Already at 41 degrees body temperature the first circulatory problems occur: heavy panting, wobbling, nausea and exhaustion. In case of overheating, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Material Infos & Features:

  • Breathable
  • Full-length zip at the back
  • Cooling insert on the chest
  • Quick on and off
  • Mesh material with cooling effect

No.: 231188-XS-OF



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