Herbal Liquid Hoof Miracle
Herbal Liquid Hoof Miracle
Herbal Liquid Hoof Miracle
Herbal Liquid Hoof Miracle
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Herbal Liquid Hoof Miracle

No.: 490848-1000
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Product Description

Supplement for horses. Herbal remedy with added biotin, which can have a positive effect on hoof growth and quality. Biotin is produced in the horse's large intestine, but this quantity is often insufficient to bring about an improvement in horn quality. It is essential for the formation of keratin, which in turn is a crucial component of skin, hair and horn. Often a biotin deficiency can be seen in poor hoof and coat condition. Biotin is also important for a strong immune system, blood formation and the metabolism of fat and blood sugar in the body. Gingko supports the nutritive cell supply and, along with goldenrod, can also have a detoxifying effect, which can also have a positive impact on the "metabolic organ" - the hooves. Black cumin can have a positive influence on the horse's immunity as well as on the skin and coat structure. We recommend feeding this product over a longer period of time (at least 7-9 months).

Feeding recommendation: Horses: 50 - 100 ml daily.

Ingredients: Black cumin (boiled and filtered), goldenrod (boiled and filtered), ginkgo (boiled and filtered), caraway (boiled and filtered).

Analytical components: Crude protein < 0.50%; crude ash 0.50%; crude fat < 1.00%; crude fibre < 0.30%; sodium < 0.50%; moisture 98.60%. Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: 500,000 mcg biotin (3a880). Technological additives: Sodium propionate (E281) Potassium sorbate (E202) Citric acid (E330)

No.: 490848-1000


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