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Turf King Hoof Boot II
Turf King

Hoof Boot II

No.: 431374-2
The original has been improved even further: just open the velcro fasteners at the back, put the hoof boot effortlessly on the hoof and close the Velcro fasteners again. Done! It has the same excellent fit as the previous model. The durability of the sole is due to a high-quality blend of rubber, which as yet, is unrivalled. This not only enables added grip and a longer service life than the standard TPU material used for many horse boots, it is also shock-absorbing. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive hooves. The Turf King can also be used in water as the water can run off thanks to the drainage holes in the sole. The boot also convinces with its integrated heel protection, which is not only soft for the heels, but it also firmly fixes the boot to ensure there is no chafing. The upper is made of high-quality and extremely durable suede leather, which can simply be cleaned with water. The lining is made of soft suede, that fits gently against the coronet. Can also be used as a therapy boot. Sold individually.
Size Width (mm) Length (mm)
0 116 116
1 122 122
2 128 128
3 134 134
4 140 140
5 146 146
6 152 152
7 158 158
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26.1.2018 (Verified Purchase)
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