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Rug Washing Service

Do not risk damaging your washing machine!

Horse rugs should not be washed in a normal household washing machine: the amount of water is not enough to remove heavy dirt, the lint filter becomes quickly clogged with horsehair and the drum of the machine can be damaged by the heavy cover.

Just roughly brush off the dry horse rug, pack it in a box and send it by post to Kramer Equestrian*. You will receive the washed rug back by post.

  • £9.99 per summer rug or cooler rug
  • £14.90 per winter rug
  • £7.99 for saddle pads, travel boots or neck covers.

The delivery charges for returning the rug is a flat rate of £3.99 for up to 5 rugs.

*Kramer Equestrian Ltd.
Returns Department
Woodview Road

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£ 3.99