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SHOWMASTER Mane&Tail Spray Taste of Winter

Mane&Tail Spray Taste of Winter

No.: 432017-500
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Spray with a wonderful wintery scent of cinnamon, oranges and cloves for tail, mane and coat. The solution for untangled and knot-free hair. The coat obtains a silky shine, becomes wonderfully soft and repels dust for longer periods of time. During the duration of the treatment the tail and mane spray will nurture the coat and long hair of your horse and keep it nice and shiny. Washing is not necessary, untangling qualities take effect right after application. Hair loss during brushing is reduced considerably. Urine and grass stains can also be easily brushed out as well as dried up sweat stains. Besides the cosmetic effect, SHOWMASTER tail detangler provides another decisive benefit for your horse: an untangled, dense tail is better at getting rid of flies than a thin and knotted tail. The mane and tail spray is also particularly suitable for mares in heat as the hair is often soiled, causing unpleasant itching. The mane and tail spray is skin friendly and does not clog up the pores - skin and coat are gently nurtured. Application: Shake before use! Spray onto mane and tail and comb through. Comb once again when almost dry. The bottles are refillable and the spray heads reusable. Contains: Water, organic silicon compounds, emulsifiers, PO (perfume oil).
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