Great Horse Show
Great Horse Show

Great Horse Show

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The Schleich® Horse Club Great Horse Show takes place at a Lakeside! Sarah and Tori clean the Tennessee Walker mare and the Lusitano stallion with hoof scrapers, curry comb and brush from the grooming box. From the back wall of the arena they fetch decorative hearts, ribbons and flowers to put on bridles and gaiters. In the tent, the girls make themselves pretty in front of their mirrors with lipstick, make-up brushers from their make-up box. Outside, plants, bows, vine arches, spiral tendrils and flags adorn the arena. It's showtime! Sarah smoothes her detachable skirt, Tori takes the rug off her horse. In the spotlight they lead the horses from the paddock across the carpet to the judges' table. What will be written on the scoring boards? Luckily there are only winners, because in addition to the trophy, winners' ribbons are also awarded!

No.: 660910
0 reviews

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