Herbal Mixture Sports Friend
Herbal Mixture Sports Friend
Herbal Mixture Sports Friend
Herbal Mixture Sports Friend
sugar dog

Herbal Mixture Sports Friend

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Supplementary feed for dogs. Cut herb mixture can have a positive influence on the maintenance of joint function, cartilage structure, tendons and ligaments and is therefore ideal for dogs with chronic diseases and inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. Vitamin-rich, herbal ingredients can also have a strengthening effect on the immune system and a blood circulation-promoting effect on the connective tissue, which additionally promotes the mobility of the animal. May have a draining effect and stimulate the metabolism. Can be recommended as a preventive measure for both senior citizens and younger dogs. Ingredients: 28% horsetail, 20% rose-hip husks, 16% willow bark, 4% devil's claw, 12% nettle herb and leaves, 10% goldenrod, 5% marigold, 4% cornflower, 1% rose blossom. Analytical components: Water 9.3%, crude ash 14.0%, crude fat 1.5%, crude protein 9.5%, crude fibre 19.9%. Feeding recommendation: Small dogs up to 20 kg 1 measuring spoon daily over the feed. Large dogs from 20 kg upwards should be given 2 scoops daily with the food. 500g.

No.: 231024-500
0 reviews

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