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Felix Bühler Bridle Anatomical Pro Deluxe Wide
Felix Bühler

Bridle Anatomical Pro Deluxe Wide

No.: 320715-C-S
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C (Cob)
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Innovative bridle, which prevents pressure on the facial nerves of the horse by its special anatomical cut. An ideal bridle for sensitive horses or horses, which tend to lock their jaw. The lowered cheek straps ensure a calmer position of the bit. Curved headpiece with large rhinestones. The anatomical headpiece with ear cut-out and genuine leather padding ensures optimum pressure relief of the first cervical vertebra. Made of premium leather. Silver-coloured fittings. Without bit and reins.

Real Leather Real Leather
This product is made of real leather. Real leather is a natural material, very abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing. Leather is breathable and skin-compatible. Leather is easy to clean and with proper care, leather is extremely long-lasting.