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STEEDS Riding Boots Freelander IV CX

Riding Boots Freelander IV CX

No.: 740747-9,5-S
The fourth version of this bestseller, now with an improved shape and in a new design. Uppers made of top quality full-grain cowhide. Mesh fabric lining with a waterproof membrane. The CX technology insole has wonderful shock absorption properties and makes even the longest walks and rides very comfortable. Further details are the reinforced toe and heel areas, the soft ankle padding, the spur rests and the reflector on the back.
Waterproof Waterproof
According to the European standard EN343, for materials and products to be considered waterproof they need to meet specific criteria. This criteria includes the amount of water pressure (psi) they can withstand before leaking or an “mm/24 hours” rating which equals the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day before water starts to leak through. Equally important are the abrasion resistance quality of the membrane, the coating and waterproof quality of the seams and zips – these should be laminated or welded.

Real Leather Real Leather
This product is made of real leather. Real leather is a natural material, very abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing. Leather is breathable and skin-compatible. Leather is easy to clean and with proper care, leather is extremely long-lasting.

CX Technology CX Technology
This boot is equipped with CX Technology. Shock-absorbing and stabilising properties in the insoles ensure extra wear comfort. The outsole presents a stirrup zone with a good grip that enables the rider to sit altogether more securely in the saddle. Small stops in front of the heel prevent the stirrups from slipping too far back.
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