Knee Boot, Left
Knee Boot, Left
Knee Boot, Left
Knee Boot, Left
Back on Track

Knee Boot, Left

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Important: do not pull the velcro fasteners too tight, to allow for optimum blood circulation.
Circumference top: 29 cm, circumference bottom: 24.5 cm.

Material lining 50% cotton, 50% polyester with ceramic particles fused into the fibre.
Outer material 100% chloroprene rubber.
Contains 1 pc.

Back on Track products are made of a ceramic material that due to its special mineral structure has the ability to absorb body heat and to reflect the infrared waves it contains. The resulting warmth improves the blood circulation and also the transportation of oxygen.

  • Reduces pain and prevents infection
  • Prevents tension and injury
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Alleviates chronic pain

    Recommended by Meredith M. Beerbaum, Ludger Beerbaum and Isabell Werth.

    Manufacturer instructions: You can use infrared textiles made of ceramic fabric for your horse on a daily basis, as long as you have the feeling that the Back on Track product is helping your horse. On some rare occasions, it may occur that the effect of the products may be perceived by your horse as very intense or that the symptoms may appear to become worse, similar to homoeopathic treatments. We have found that this sensation subsides entirely after a relatively short period. Back on Track therefore recommends gradually accustoming your animals to the increased circulation by wearing the product on the first day for approx. 4 hours, the second day for approx. 6 hours and on the third day for approx. 8 hours. After this, you can use infrared textiles around the clock. Please monitor your animal. This period may take longer for very sensitive animals.

    No.: 530291
  • Ceramic Fibre
    Ceramic Fibre
    This product contains ceramic particles which reflect and convert the body heat naturally into infrared heat. This not only increases cell activity but also stimulates blood circulation. This can make a positive contribution to relieving or preventing tension and pain. It can also positively support regeneration processes in the body. Please introduce the body to this product step by step, using it for a maximum of 4 hours in the first 2-3 days and then slowly increasing this to at least 8 hours to achieve maximum effect. Once the acclimatisation phase is complete, the product can be worn permanently and should be used regularly for at least 10 to 20 days to achieve long-lasting, positive results. IMPORTANT: Always consult your doctor/veterinary first in case of acute injuries. The ceramic product does not replace specialist medical care.
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