Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Compression Bandages, Left hind leg
Felix Bühler

Compression Bandages, Left hind leg

No.: 530658-S-S
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Compression bandage for horses with anatomical fit. Supports lymphatic flow and blood circulation significantly, thus promoting rehabilitation, e.g. with filled legs and tendon injuries. With side zip.

Instructions for use and care

Medical compression bandages for horses

Felix Bühler Compression Bandages for horses are made of a very robust and durable knitted fabric. However, avoid any contact with pointed or sharp-edged items to prevent damage to the bandages.

Putting on Felix Bühler Compression Bandages
1. Place the bandage around the horse leg starting at the back of the leg. The fastener should point to the outer side. The fetlock needs to be placed into the provided bulge.
2. First close the velcro fastener to pre-set the bandage.
3. Reopen the top velcro fastener to fasten zipper, continue to zip the bandage downward while unfastening and then securing velcro over the closed zipper.
4. The end of the zipper should be folded back and secured under the velcro fastener.
5. If necessary adjust the bandage for fit. The zipper needs to point to the outer side of the horse leg.

Please note
- Ensure that no contraindications to the use of compression exist.
- As therapy progresses or the condition changes, it may be necessary to remeasure / repurchase a new Felix Bühler Compression Bandage.
- Felix Bühler Compression Bandages are mostly resistant to oils, ointments, clay, skin moisture and other environmental influences.
- Wash the Felix Bühler Compression Bandages regularly to maintain consistent compression.
- Store the bandages in a dry place at room temperature.
- If the bandages get damaged, please consult your dealer. Do not repair the bandages yourself as this could impair the quality and effectiveness.

Care and washing instructions
Before washing we recommend that all hooks and zippers are closed and turned inside out. The bandages should be washed separately the first time (the dye may run). In case of daily use, Felix Bühler Compression Bandages should be washed at least once weekly on a delicate cycle (40 °C). Please do not use any softener! If washing by hand, rinse thoroughly and do not wring. You can reduce the drying time by placing the washed bandage on a thick towel, rolling the towel up tightly, and firmly pressing out excess moisture. Line dry the bandages. Do not leave the bandages in the towel and do not dry on a heater or in the sun. If tumble-dry, please use the delicate cycle. Do not dry clean the Felix Bühler Compression Bandages. Please refer to the washing symbols on the label sewn into the bandages.

Material composition
Details are provided on the label sewn into the Felix Bühler Compression Bandage.

- preventative method during long standing periods (e.g. stall rest, transport)
- faster recovery
- swollen legs
- inactivity oedema
- supports chronic lymph drainage disorders
- soft windgalls
- (chronic) tendon injuries / disorders
- after fetlock injury
- post-operative to prevent from swellings
- post-operative and post-traumatic oedema
- post phlegmon
- scar treatment
- wound treatment in conjunction with wound dressing as substitute for medical wrap bandage

Absolute contraindications
- acute infections accompanied by fever (risk of bacterial spreading)
- cardiac insufficiency
- hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid function)
- tumors that block lymphatic drainage

Relative contraindications
- venous obstruction oedema (cardiac insufficiency must be excluded)
- acute phlegmon (risk of bacterial spreading)
- tumors outside the lymphatic system (risk of metastasization)

Side effects
When sized and applied correctly, the risk of side effects with compression bandages is very low. Poorly seated bandages (e.g. after sizing errors) or incorrect application of the bandage, can lead to pressure points. Furthermore, particular horses may have a higher sensitivity to pressure and should only be treated with compression for a few hours at a time. If you notice pressure points on your horse, take off the bandage immediately. If the bandages have been medically prescribed, please contact your veterinarian / animal therapist to discuss possible adjustments to the treatment. Compression can lead to dry or flaky skin. This can be treated using suitable skin care ointments. No intolerance to the materials used in our bandages has been observed to date. However, if negative alterations (e.g. skin irritations) should occur during use, please contact your veterinarian / animal therapist immediately. If an incompatibility should be known for your horse against one or several contents of this product, please consult with your veterinarian / animal therapist before use. The manufacturer as well as the distributor is not liable for damages / injuries which have been caused by improper handling or misuse of the bandage.

No.: 530658-S-S
Breathability refers to the ability of a man-made fibre or natural fibre to release the body's own water vapor. Breathable fabrics allow for quick drying already during use and thus prevent both heat build-up from the body under the fabric as well as cooling due to dammed up moisture.
4-Way Stretch
4-Way Stretch
This product is made of innovative 4-way stretch material. The flexible stretch fabric allows maximum mobility and is capable of stretching in every direction. Therefore, the 4-way stretch technology is frequently used for sports and functional clothing such as equestrian clothing.
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