Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest
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Hoof Pellets Farrier's Finest

No.: 490862-3000
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Product Description

The horse's hooves not only bear the entire weight of the horse, they also form a protective wall against external influences such as bacteria and harmful chemicals. In addition, the horse detoxifies via the hoof, among other things. Damage and loss of quality do not appear in any other structure as quickly as in the hoof itself, which is why it is also considered an essential indicator of the horse's general health. Untreated hoof problems can lead to acute lameness and chronic secondary diseases. When we talk about hoof quality, we are mainly talking about the strength of the basic material in order to be able to bear its own weight and the elasticity of the hoof, which absorbs acting forces in a springy manner and stimulates blood circulation during movement. Reasons for a poor quality of the hoof structure can be manifold and also hereditary. However, it is often the result of a nutrient deficiency or poor nutrient absorption capacity of the animal. The micronutrients and vital substances contained in Farrier's Finest are essential for healthy hoof growth and a shiny, healthy appearance of the coat as well as a healthy skin structure. As a result, it can compensate for nutrient deficiencies, promote strong connective tissue and a solid hoof capsule, strengthen tendons and joints and optimise the quality of the hoof wall, sole, frog and heels. The ingredients biotin, zinc and copper are important for the formation of keratins in the body, which make up 90-95% of the hoof horn. The hoof grows on average up to 8 millimetres per month, so it needs at least 1 year to renew itself completely. In order to see a long-term positive effect, we therefore recommend feeding Farrier's Finest for at least 6-8 months.

Feeding recommendation: Horses 100 - 130g daily. Cobs 50 - 80g daily

Ingredients: Alfalfa 41%, soya protein concentrate 29%, brewer's yeast 5.7%, lecithin phosphate idy-choline 4%, phenylalanine 1.1%, fenugreek seed 1%, omega II fatty acids 1%, tyrosine 0.80%.

Analytical components: Crude protein 30.3%, crude fat 1.6%, crude fibre 10.4%, crude ash 9.2%.

Nutritional additives: 20,000 mg choline chloride (3a890) 240,000 mcg biotin (3a880) 8,000 mg vitamin C (3a300) 3,000 mg zinc (zinc oxide) (3b603) 1,200 mg copper (copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) (3b405) 65,000 mg DL-methionine (technically pure) (3c301). Technological additives: 50,000 mg Diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth, purified) E551c

No.: 490862-3000


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