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Original Landmühle Traditional Meadow Herbs
Original Landmühle

Traditional Meadow Herbs

No.: 490763-1000

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A high-quality herbal mixture consisting of a variety of meadow herbs, which support the entire metabolism and can have a positive effect on general well-being. Due to the increasing depletion of our meadows and original herbs, the horses find less and less of such beneficial herbs in natural pastures. The selected meadow herbs close this gap. They are particularly tasty and enrich any food ration, whether it is a young, sport or senior. With stinging nettle herb, dill herb, parsley stalks, chamomile herb, cumin, weevil, yarrow, fennel, knotweed, ribwort leaves, heather, horsetail, dandelion, red clover, lady's mantle, honor herb and marigold flowers.
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