Multi Vital Mother's Luck
Multi Vital Mother's Luck
Multi Vital Mother's Luck
Multi Vital Mother's Luck
Multi Vital Mother's Luck
Multi Vital Mother's Luck
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Multi Vital Mother's Luck

No.: 490854-3800
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Product Description

Tasty, high-quality vits and mins supplement with spirulina algae, ideally suited to the needs of broodmares. Particularly easy to digest - finely structured and therefore easy to chew and mix into the feed. There is an increased need and the special dosage of this supplement is very important for the healthy development of the foal in the womb and during the lactation period. Grain-free and sugar-reduced, therefore also ideally suited for horses with cushings or laminitis. Processed in a nutrient-friendly way to make all vital substances contained in the product accessible to the horse.

Ingredients: 30% green meal, 21% calcium carbonate, 13% monocalcium phosphate, 8% sodium chloride, 7% linseed cake, 5% magnesium oxide, 5% spirulina algae*. *The difference to 100% is the percentage of additives in the recipe.

Feeding recommendation: Daily up to 20g per 100kg body weight and day. This feed is suitable for mares in foal, approx. from the 8th month of pregnancy until the end of lactation. For mares in the beginning of the pregnancy, less should be fed, approx. 12g per 100kg body weight and day.

One measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 30g. Due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to other feeds, this supplement may only be fed according to the feeding recommendations given here.

No.: 490854-3800


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