Muscle Gold
Muscle Gold
Muscle Gold
Muscle Gold
Original Landmühle

Muscle Gold

No.: 490805-900
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Original Landmühle Muscle-Gold is the optimal natural mineral feed for horses in muscle building! The main component of the mineral feed is spirulina algae. This has a high content of different amino acids, proteins, vitamins and trace elements, which can support the horse in building up muscles in daily training. To provide the horse with even more proteins and amino acids, the product also contains ingredients such as soya and lysine. Additives such as methionine, threonine and carnitine can have positive effects on the body's own metabolism, the immune system, the willingness to perform and the regeneration of liver and kidney tissue. It is therefore ideally suited for both sport horses and leisure horses. Free from added sugar.

No.: 490805-900
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