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Original Landmühle Salt Lick Large
Original Landmühle

Salt Lick Large

No.: 490430
(£1.3 / 1 kg)
Hand-cut Landmühle crystal salt lick with high bio-energetic quality. Excavating natural rock salt is a very elaborate process as the mineral is some 250 million years old and is not very easily accessible. Crystal salt for horses is free from any contamination by external influences (e.g. water pollution). The original crystalline shape retains essential minerals and trace elements that horses need on a daily basis. As natural crystal salt is very hard, horses cannot simply bite off pieces of salt, which is something that does frequently occur with processed licks. In addition, crystal salt licks contain neutralising, natural trace elements, nutrients and metals that are easily ingested by the horse.

The lick has a hole through the middle and can easily be hung up in the stall by its hemp rope. As the crystal salt lick is cut by hand, each individual lick may differ to a certain extent in terms of shape and colour. The licks weigh 2 kg.

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