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The tasty balancer in powder form from our Stallmeister series. As a balanced standard mineral feed, it is ideal for all horses and ponies to supplement and enhance the daily ration. Its balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements balances out the nutritional imbalances of a typical hay-oat ration and thus prevents feeding-related deficiency symptoms. Ideal for horses and ponies with low to normal activity. CompletePackage is great for mixing in with soaked cobs or mash.

No.: 490201
4 reviews

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9.4.2018 (Verified Purchase)

Used daily at the recommended dose of Kraemer's nutrition expert. My horse is now 29 and feels much more lively than when I fed a different supplement from a different company.

11.12.2017 (Verified Purchase)

Seems to have made a difference to horses coats!

9.10.2016 (Verified Purchase)

Good quality allround vitamin and mineral supplement. I feed it to my 27 year old veteran who is still competing at dressage and holding his own in a very competitive environment.

8.9.2016 (Verified Purchase)

This is to keep my 27 yo. boy on the correct amount of vits and mins.