Hippo Sol
Hippo Sol

Hippo Sol

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Special hoof spray with nurturing substances. Ensures your horse has healthy, flexible hooves and prevents thrush. Promotes growth of the hoof. The addition of pine resin, laurel oil and lanoline guarantees the exchange of air and moisture. Hippo Sol is especially suited for use in dry weather, before turning out and on return to the stable, and after shoeing.

Application: Clean the sole of the foot well, remove superfluous and malodorous pieces of horn and spray Hippo Sol liberally, especially over the frog. Leave to dry for approximately 10 minutes before putting the horse back onto its bedding. Treat daily in acute cases of thrush. Weekly application to the sole, wall of the hoof and coronary band is sufficient to maintain healthy hooves. If the hooves are very brittle and cracked, we recommend using Hippo Sabol Special Hoof Care together with our Hoof Synbiotin Special Supplementary Hoof Food, as the correct feedstuffs encourage the growth of healthy horn. CFC-free = ozone-friendly. 150 ml.

No.: 4389



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