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equiXTREME Anti-Fly Spray

Anti-Fly Spray

No.: 431940-300
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The equiXTREME anti-fly spray is a combination of natural and proven active ingredients that makes sure flies and other insects keep away. Insects are drawn by the smell of skin and dioxyde in the air. The natural anti-fly spray equiXTREME covers the horse's body smell and make the horse uninteresting as a potential food source. It is efficient against flies, horse flies and other stinging insects. Thanks to its high-quality care formula, equiXTREME® is very pleasant for horses. The unique combination of active ingredients protects your horse against pests for a long time. In the field, on a ride or in the stables, the spray offers lasting protection even if the horse sweats a little. To stop it from entering the eyes and nostrils, you can easily apply this product to the head with a sponge or a soft brush. Pleasant smell. Does not contain doping substances!
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