Novocontact Loose Ring Snaffle
Novocontact Loose Ring Snaffle

Novocontact Loose Ring Snaffle

No.: 350315-5
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16 mm thick. Sensogan with stainless steel rings, solid. Unique, oval bit shape. This bit has a unique shape design, which widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse's tongue, without putting pressure on the palate. When the rider keeps a steady contact, the flat part of the mouthpiece lies sensitively on the horse's tongue. When the rider gives a rein aid, the mouthpiece turns forward. The contact surface gets narrower, ensuring a more precise and effective communication. When giving the reins, the mouthpiece turns back to its soft and smooth position with the flat part lying delicately on the tongue. This encouranges optimum communication and enables better contact between the rider and the horse.

Tests have shown that the single-jointed novocontact bit is highly recommended for horses that do not take the contact confidently. They are also particularly suitable for sensitive horses as aids can be applied in targeted, yet gentle manner.

No.: 350315-5
0 reviews

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