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Felix Bühler Power Winter Turnout Rug Poseidon 1680 D, 100g
Felix Bühler

Power Winter Turnout Rug Poseidon 1680 D, 100g

No.: 422333-6_6-DC
instead of £119.00
Extremely hard-wearing outdoor rug (1680 denier, 3000mm WP, taped seams) from the divine power series with strong rain protection thanks to the high neck. The rug can be optionally combined with the Dionysos 422 336 neck piece. Contrasting design with reflective piping as edging. Double gusset at the front and soft inside wither pad for high comfort. Generous tail flap, cross surcingle, elastic leg stras and double 3-D ring fastener with exchangeable snap hooks and additional Velcro ensure smooth fastening of the rug. This rug protects the horse reliably against wind and weather. 100% polyester.
100 g 100 g
Filling of the rugs in grams.
1680 DEN 1680 DEN
Denier is a unit of measurement. It is the ratio of mass or weight to length. In other words: Denier is the unit for thickness of the thread or yarn, (thread thickness), which is used in the production of fabrics. The larger/higher the number of denier, the thicker or stronger the material becomes.
Waterproof Waterproof
According to the European standard EN343, for materials and products to be considered waterproof they need to meet specific criteria. This criteria includes the amount of water pressure (psi) they can withstand before leaking or an “mm/24 hours” rating which equals the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day before water starts to leak through. Equally important are the abrasion resistance quality of the membrane, the coating and waterproof quality of the seams and zips – these should be laminated or welded.
Breathable Breathable
Breathability refers to the ability of a man-made fibre or natural fibre to release the body's own water vapor. Breathable fabrics allow for quick drying already during use and thus prevent both heat build-up from the body under the fabric as well as cooling due to dammed up moisture.
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